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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Lush BIG Shampoo Review + mini haul

I've read many Reviews about this product all good!

I decided to ask the lovely lush ladies for a sample before I bought it, The Pot was very small and I didn't think there would be nearly enough to properly shampoo my long hair,
In the end I used less than half of this tiny pot and had so much lather it was unbelievable! The Chunky 'salt like' grains massaged my scalp and a powerful fresh scent was left!
Absolutely beautiful!

I blow dryed my hair as I normally would in order to give a fair review.
The results were spectacular My hair was left smelling amazing, HUGE, and fluffy ( the good way) Totally made my hair feel luxurious!
I adore this product and will definitely be purchasing it again!

Mini Haul...

My mum bought me more birthday presents but I think I'll save those till the 18;)
I bought a beautiful coral pink nail polish called Highland Mist for N07! I love the colour and after just one coat left a glossy smooth surface.

Then I picked up Vaseline with rose and almond oil, fantastic texture and consistancy that leaves you enough colour on your lips and enough moisture. Smells Great!


  1. Your hair looks awesome, I am definitely going to try this when I run out of Tommyguns xx

  2. Thankyouuu!

    Ooo what's that?

  3. aahh! I want to try big so bad! But haven't yet for the same reasons.. such a little pot for such a big price! I'm going to ask for a sample too :)

  4. It's a good idea :)
    I got a sample of Marilyn too.

    I'm going to try it tomorrow morning and do a review!

  5. That looks awesome, I wish my hair looked like that with product in it!

  6. Thank you :), and at the end of the day it still stayed voluminous :)

  7. I LOVE Big!! A little goes a long way and it makes my hair feel amazing!