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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Last Night, Me and Toni Carved the HUGE pumpkin he bought me that day!, We named him Terry. We're both very proud - Our 1st Pumpkin!!

Yesterday We went out with my mum and bought a few of my birthday presents!
Sadly I can't use them till the 18th :(

^ Baby Face Cleanser! I also got a small bottle of snow fairy, and on our next trip We'll be getting Sexy Boy and Sugar Babe!!

This Gorgeous Leather Jacket from Republic!

I spotted this beautiful ring in Miss Selfridges, Then Lor said she'd buy it off me as part of my birthday present :)

Toni's Working unforunately today, so He can't be with me for Halloween :(, but it's not all bad.. we had our mini halloween a day early:), I'm looking forward to answering the door for all the kids trick or treating! I miss doing that!
I'm going to be watching some scary films on tv tonight orrrr CSI! My new found love!

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