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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Lush Marilyn Hair Treatment Review + Soap and Glory Flake Away plus exfoliation Mit Review

(Mouthful of a title!)
The Lush Site says:

Chamomile, lemon and saffron brighten blonde hair. Use it regularly and get fairer hair. Linseed mucilage results in softer tresses and fresh, organic lemon juice adds a ton of shine. If you always wanted to be a "natural" blonde, here's how to go about it.

I've already got natural bright blonde hair but this seems an excellent way to maintain it!
I used my half of sample size, the ladies in lush say to use half a normal size tub for long hair but my hair is very thin so that much product would of made my hair greasey.
I left it  on my hair for 20 minutes.

Whlist I was waiting for the magic to happen I shaved and exfoliated my legs, ( Don't get confused - the pink tub is S&G and the smaller white one is the sample of Marilyn) I used soap and glory's Flake Away It looks quite horrible buts smells amazing. It contains Shea Butter,Sugar,and Peach Seeds (yummy!) I'm lucky enough to have two pots of this lovely stuff :)

I applied the product to my damp legs and then began to massage the scrub into my skin in circular motions, Introducing the Exfoliation Mit!
It's very large and very pink *sniggers*, all over the surface are raised 'dots' which help to flake away the dead skin on my legs! So smooth and they smell amazing.
I love these products I would describe them a HG products!

Back onto Marilyn! I then rinsed out the product and towel dried.

I blow dried my hair normally with a tunnel brush and velcro

These two pictures show the glossiness of my hair after wards!
I adore this product, my hair is manageable and silky!

4 Stars!!
Are you thinking of buying this product?

Like my Dressing Gown? :)


  1. Love the Soap and Glory, have you tried the FCUK one in a similar pink tub? It's almost the same but a bit cheaper x

  2. I really need to try out more Lush products. I only know their bath stuff.

  3. @Sarah, I haven't! I'll look out for it!!
    @Betty , They truly are amazing. I would highly recommend big!


  4. hey dear!
    Thanks for joining the contest, I hope we can all keep it up! Please, notify me when you've written your post, so I can read it and add you to the blogroll!!!


  5. huh... I said contest, I meant game... :S