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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

hello lover!

Woke up this morning in real pain.

Yesterday the freakish British weather got the better of me.

I took advantage of sunshine and

being INCREDIBLY milk bottle white i got burnt.

I'm A huge fan of the those massive sunglasses a la Nichole Richie and i have huge rings around my eyes that reach up towards my eyebrows.

I'm not even red. I'm Heniz Tomato Soup colour - almost terracotta orange.

After my mum laughed at me for a good 5 minutes, I began to watch Sex and the City- season 1 episode 5.

I've lost track of how many times I've watched S&atc -And how many times I've wanted to be Carrie, (My top 2 reasons are her "Carrie" necklace and of course Mr Big)

Carrie - to me is perfect in every way.


She doesn't stick to the same man that she KNOWS secretly deep down inside she wants!

I know there wouldn't be much of a plot if Carrie had the perfect man through out the seasons but after watching it over and over again - when you get back to season 1 you want to scream at the tv - "HE'S RIGHT THEREEEE!"

My all time favourite line of Carrie's is "Hello Lover!" as you can tell from the title of this post..
It just sums her up - fabulous.

Because of this i text my boyfriend early this morning with.. "Hello Lover!" I haven't had a reply yet.

(Later on)

Today went really really quickly.
After Watching Episode 5 my nan rang asking me to go out for lunch.
i got showered and then glanced out of the window and thought
- "That damn sun will NOT get me today" >.<
I wanted to wear this really squishy comfortable baggy v neck jumper/dress i got from hnm a few days ago.
The weather had been fairly clammy so it was too hot to wear it.
Anyway, Lunch was good.
I then went into town to meet my boyfriend from work.
We walked to his and then when we arrived I'd realised that half my face had melted away (not literally my heavy makeup appliance due to chronic sunburn had deteriorated in a BAD way)
After taking that crap off, my time with him seemed to rapidly end and i had to get picked up by my dad again.
All in all a pretty average but enjoyable day really :)

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