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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Tweed blazer - Tesco F&F £28
White tortoise shell button shirt H&M £19.99
High waisted jeans - River Island £29.99
Shoes - Tesco F&F £8.00

After spending hours reading blogs, faffing around on instagram and listening to Radio 1, I realised that the time was ten to two, and that I have to leave at 2 o'clock, or miss the film - Anna kanarenika. 
So pleased excuse my lack of makeup as I got ready in less than ten minutes.. realising that I had moments to spare, I grabbed my camera and took these photos in a mad hurry.
Without realising I've seemed to have taken inspiration from Tiny Twist. I saw this shirt on her a few weeks ago when looking back at her blog posts when I discovered it, and I knew, I had to have it!
It's really lovely and like my bargain blazer has some lovely elbow patches.
I just think that this shirt is so versatile, and could be worn with many looks... beachy.. un buttoned with shorts in the summer.. and done up like today in the autumn and winter.
I paired it with this blazer, that I manage to nab from Tesco's they were sold out after I had called up to reverse mine! I've just looked at my blog 'newsfeed' and she seems to have styled it similarly also! Great minds think alike!
I really love the 'country' look as I live smack bang in the middle of no where with various game, rabbits, khaki and tweed to keep me company.. My move to liverpool in a few days is going to be very daunting and I've got visions going round in my head of me resembling a rabbit in headlights. 

Wish me luck!!!


  1. Love that blazer so much! xo

  2. i love anything with elbow patches- and you look so pretty and polished here! i actually like the lack of makeup- you look so glowy. and don't you just hate when time escapes you like that?!

  3. The blazer and the shoes are so cute! And such bargains too, wish I had a big tesco near me! Xx

  4. love your outfit! you look great! xx

  5. your hairbun is amazing!!!!

  6. Cool jacket, love your outfit!

  7. amazing outfit *_* you are very beautiful! your blog is very interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  8. I love your eyes and your outfit!
    your blog is awesome! :)

  9. Looovvve the jacket,and its from Tesco. . .brilliant, can't wait to pop that in my trolley! Fab blog ;) Following and looking forward to future posts X

  10. Nice pics.^^
    Maybe follow each other???
    My Blog

  11. Really nice blazer.
    How was the movie? I've watched a few versions of Anna Karenina and so far my favourite one is the one with Sophie Marceau. Really looking forward to seeing the latest one.


    P.S. I am hosting a giveaway at the moment and would like to invite you to take part, if you like the prize.

  12. Adore your tweed blazer!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  13. Your outfit and hair are both so perfect! Love it :)


  14. Love the shoes. Good luck with your move! x

  15. I love your jacket! can't believe it's tesco.gorgeous style hun xx

  16. Lovely outfit! Good luck with your move :) x

  17. Hey! I've nominated your blog for a Liebster award. Check out my post here:
    Yasmin x

  18. Your shoes are too cute. Love the whole outfit put together.Good luck with moving!

  19. Good luck with the move to liverpool! You look gorgeous, love the jacket!