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Thursday, 7 January 2010

A much needed update!

- Amazing New Year. so happy that Toni didn't have to work in the end even though he ended up paying for a ridiculously expensive taxi when he didn't need too. grrr.
- Amazing Christmas. I received many a great present including a cute little new phone, hair dryer, some decent straighteners.. not that I use them much, a goregous scarf a mini elf haul and much more.. The Best present by far was my ipod touch from the boyfriend. I love him very much.

I got high hopes for 2010.
I've started cleaning my face differently because I'm incredibly fed up with my shitty skin.

If It works I'll let you all know about it!

Things I'm Loving :
- The Snow but not when its launched at your face wiping your makeup off and slipping straight down your top.
- Taylor Swift very childish but she's an amazing singer.. I just which she's sing some mature songs..
- Having an Ipod again!
- Changing my room around, Its feels more lived in now.
- Above Suspicion on ITV1 tense or what!? sad it's over. ( Itv player for anyone whose missed it ) I recommend it.
- Beatles rock band! Enough said.

Things I'm hating :
- shitty skin
- After growing my nails and having them look pretty amazing( if I must say so myself) having them all snap off and starting again.. grrr
- School! I cant wait for 6th form
- A certain ex friend.


  1. I hate it when I grow my nails and they all snap off! Hope you had a good christmas and new year! :) XO

  2. It truly is the most annoying thing.
    You too.