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Monday, 9 November 2009

So White Bath Bomb - Lush

This Bath bomb was fairly cheap at about £1.75 from my favorite shop of all time LUSH :)

The lovely lady from lush ( I must get her name ) who know recolonizes me told me that this is the only bomb to have bath melt pieces in to create bubbles!

I popped the bomb into my warm bath water as instructed and the lovely fizzing noise started as It bobbed around happily in my bath. I let it 'melt' then took in out when it was the size of a golf ball ( this bomb is one of the christmas editions so it's smallish anyway ) I wanted to use it a second time.

The water smelt instantly like apples and relaxed me alot.... but other than that I wasn't thrilled.. The pieces of bar were barely visible. BUT I did get out of the bath smelling fresh,clean and feeling relaxed after scary maths GCSE revision.

Over all I wouldn't buy this again.. but I'm still happy with my purchase :)

Love you Lush!


  1. Hmmm... It does sound nice though! I mean.. bubbles YAY! Hahaha...


  2. Maths aaaaah! Almost on par with the c word is the word maths lol!

  3. haha :) It was!

    jesus. It's so so stressful today.

    and on top of that I found out that one of my friends died just before the exam! I was crying for about 10 mins!
    :/ Grim.


  4. oh my god, i haven't had a bath bomb in years, i always pass lush without looking in, but you've inspired me to stop in next time, i was extremely jealous, reading this post !

  5. They have they have stuff the die for in there.