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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Nails Inc and Daddy O - Lush

I recently bought Elizabeth St by Nails Inc which retails at £10.50 but I got it free with Glamour Featuring the beautiful Leighton Meester on the cover.
You can get them in 4 different colours including, black, red and a darker red.
I love this colour! I have annoying short nails and I hate them! My boyfriend does like false nails so I have to do with out. But this colour makes my nails appear a lot longer and healthier. I love anything nude *sniggers* so this glossy polish is perfect for me. It looks professional and neat.
I've been wearing this for a week now and It hasn't chipped once. I do lots of art and textiles work which would normally cause general wear and tear on my nail varnish.. This has stayed perfect!  I also pick at my fingers and push the cuticles back - bad I know.. but this hasn't damaged it either!!

I haven't tried daddy o yet, I got a sample when I visited there store.
It's recommended for blondes or grey hair and smells like violets!
I'll do a review for you guys when I've tried it.


  1. Aw you poor thing, I don't think my boyfriend would even dare to have a nail opinion haha!

  2. haha!! Well I draw/paint a hell of alot so they'd get covered in crap and get knocked off easily.
    :( ah well.

  3. Well done on picking up the polish! I *still* haven't found any!

  4. ooooh! I really like this colour!

  5. It looks natural enough to wear every day, but it stand out enough so people say "oo!!"