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Saturday, 15 August 2009

My boyfriend has left for work now.
It's crap being on your own.
Especially when I've just been paid.
Money is burning a hole in my pocket!
I'm going to Liverpool soon with my boyfriend.

I'm one of those people who plan what they're going to wear about 3 nights before an event so when I looked on Google for the "Primark Online Store" I found out Primark don't have an online shop :

I like to look at what i might want to buy before I go on a shopping trip so I can use the time 'um-ing and ah-ing' more usefully.
I've decided to try and attempt more of my art coursework today.
Eurgh Coursework sucks.
Thank god I've finished the project early.
"Spartan Shields" WOW
Next is.....

I'm actually really exicted. before we broke up for summer we started making these

10 X 10 cm Dice in really bright glittery colours :)

I'm looking for a new school bag...
I have a tendency to cram as much crap as I possibly can into a huge bag that's bigger than me.

I'm about 5"2.

I know it's designer and mucho mucho expensivo but..

God. Miu Miu.

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